Protecting Workers’ Rights

Focusing on the Rights of Federal Employees

Handling Federal Employment Law Worldwide

Labor and employment law matters covering federal employees can be highly complicated. Federal employees are governed by a wide variety of statutory rights and regulatory procedures that are complex to navigate and difficult to understand. Moreover, these rights and procedures are subject to changing judicial interpretations.

Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law, has focused on federal employment law since 1990. Based in Washington, D.C., we represent U.S. federal employees and federal sector unions worldwide. Our keen focus and decades of experience have helped us to become knowledgeable, informed and powerful advocates for people like you.

Not a federal employee? We also offer powerful representation in private sector employment law cases in the metro area of Washington, D.C., in Maryland and in Virginia.

Fighting For Your Rights And Well-Being In A Broad Spectrum Of Matters

In addition to the many topics discussed elsewhere on our site, P&K is highly respected for our insightful counsel and vigorous advocacy in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Labor law and unfair labor practices claims: Our lawyers represent unions and union members with claims of unfair labor practices, including employers interfering with their right to unionize. We also assist unions in negotiating labor contracts and represent them in grievance arbitrations
  • Veterans’ employment rights: We protect federal employees against discrimination based on their service in the military. We also advocate for clients with claims violating the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act.
  • Inspector General investigations: Our firm defends federal employees accused of misconduct in the workplace. We are present during Inspector General investigations to protect clients from being bullied or coerced.

Representing Employees In The Private Sector

Passman & Kaplan also advises and represents employees in the private sector in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas on a wide variety of employment issues, such as discrimination claims and review or employment and severance agreements.

To speak with one of our highly respected attorneys about your employment law issue anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide, contact us online or call 202-789-0100 or 800-881-0140.

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